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How to Enter Scores on the Website

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Handicap Facts

What score do I record when I do not complete a hole? 
This is one of the most common questions handicap committee members are asked and you might be surprised by the answer.  When you don't finish a hole - either you give up, you are conceded the hole in match play, you get interrupted and must take a phone call, or you are out of the hole for whatever reason - you should record your "most likely score" for that hole.  That is the number of strokes you already had plus what you think you would need to finish the hole.  This is a judgment call.  Of course, the maximum you can take on any hole for handicap purposes is the maximum score for your handicap (7 - 10, depending on your course handicap).  But, often the score for the hole you don't complete won't be your max.  So, consider taking the "most likely score" next time you don't complete a hole.


What if I get a hole-in-one at a Chapter organized event? 

When you finish jumping up and down and celebrating with your friends, here's what you do: Through our partnership with Troon Golf, any member making a hole-in-one at an LPGAwwp-sanctioned event receives a complimentary round of golf for four at any Troon Golf facility. Just send a copy of your score card, attested by your playing partners and verified by the club's Golf Professional (if possible), to Be sure to include the hole number, the yardage for that hole, and the club you used to make the shot. Meaghan will coordinate with Troon to have your complimentary golf certificate sent to you as well as get you posted as an inductee of the Hole-In-One Club on the national website!

Need help?

Contact any Handicap Committee member for assistance

Handicap Committee

Linda K. Davis, Handicap Chair,; (954) 524-2280

Michelle Florea,

Hilene Bilchik,

It's Here!!  The LPGA App for iPhone & iPad

Do you find that posting your scores is a real pain in the neck?  Well, no more!  Post all your scores on your phone or tablet. Super Easy! No need to get on your computer and LPGA Amateurs web site to post your scores. Post immediately after your round and it will be synced to your online account. Members can find the app at the App Store or Google Play Store - search for LPGA under Sports apps. Simply download and sign in with your LPGA Login and Password.  It's free ! For HELP,  email Linda Davis at

Tips on Updating or Downloading the App

The LPGA App is an easy and convenient way to post your scores, but it - like all apps - sometimes needs an update.  For example, the ratings at Jacaranda were recently updated, but the updated ratings don’t show on the App. 

How do you fix it?  Open the LPGA App, click on the menu tab at the top right of the screen, click on "Settings", and then click on “Refresh Course Data.”  Now you’re all set! 
Have you also noticed that scores still show on the App even after you’ve deleted them?  Click on “Refresh Scores/Stats” and you should be good to go. 

Don’t have the App?  Go to the App Store and search LPGA.  It’s free!  Still have questions about the App or anything else related to your handicap, contact Linda K. Davis, Handicap Chair,, 954-856-8591.