Golf Leagues & Organized Play

First of all, let's explain our definition of  "League".  We use this term to let our members know of dates we are planning group play.  Our chapter offers regular Saturday 18-hole "league" play all year long. We also may arrange golf on Sundays, which can include male guests and family members. During most of the year, we also have one mid-week 18-hole golf group.

None of our organized golf is set up so that you have to play every week, nor do they have a set format.  The golf captain may offer a game to all those who attend for a cost of $3 or $5 per person. You do not have to play in the game!! We want our group play to be fun, with the challenge of a game if you wish.

Many of our members enjoy playing only 9-holes, so we have one group that plays on Thursdays year round. After Daylight Savings begins, we may expand these "twilight" groups offering after-work golf 2-3 days a week.

Notices of tee times and courses are emailed every other Sunday to our members, with info on who to sign up with and green fees. Members should check their email or this website under EVENTS CALENDAR for scheduled play.

Chapter Guest Policy

The Fort Lauderdale Chapter welcomes guests to participate at events and regular group play. Male guests are invited to play on Sundays with our organized groups. Female guests may play weekdays and Saturdays up to three times before being asked to join our Chapter. See the Membership tab for more information.

Celeste Methot
Golf Events Director