Competitive Play


LPGA Amateur Golf Assn offers two national amateur competitions to its members - the Championship and the Cup.

The Championship
provides competitive tournament golf for members of all skill levels and is the largest women's amateur golf tournament of its kind with more than 2,400 members participating. Stroke Play Competition and Inter-Chapter Team Scramble formats are available to all skill levels. Qualifying starts at the local Chapter Championship and then moves onto district Semi-Finals, culminating in the exciting national Championship Finals!

The Cup
is a team Match Play series held in two stages of play - regional qualifiers and a national Cup Championship. In the first stage - the Cup Qualifier - teams compete in 18 holes of Four-Ball match play and 18 holes of Singles match play completed over two days to determine those who will advance to the Cup Finals. Advancing teams will compete in the same two-day format.

​To learn about the Rules of Golf for competitive play, or view videos explaining various situations on golf rules, go to Rules Education at Click this link