Pace of Play Tips

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Tips & Techniques

Be Ready to play whenever it is your turn. When you can hit safely, take no more than one practice swing and hit the ball.

Plan your shot while walking to your ball or while others are playing.

While waiting for another player in your group to hit,  complete your club selection - (your mental prep).

Walk directly to your golf ball; don't follow others unless assisting in a search.

Take several clubs with you to your ball so you won't have to walk back to the cart. Walk briskly between shots.

Begin reading the green as you approach it. Line up your putt when others are putting and be ready to putt when it is your turn.

Leave your clubs on the side of the putting green towards the next tee.

First person in the hole on green should take responsibility for the flag. If you are out of the hole take responsibility for the flag.

Exit putting green promptly after holing out.

Be efficient with pre-shot routine. Try not to take more then one practice shot.

Play a provisional ball if you think the original might be lost in a water hazard or out of bounds. Always have a spare ball with you.

Help each other. At the tee box watch each other's shot if practical. Assist other golfers whose ball is lost near your ball or on the way to your ball. Watch other shots for players in your foursome when practical. Respect one another and look out for each other. This will help each player to enjoy their round.

Cart Etiquette:

When practical the driver of the cart should drop off the passenger and then go prepare for their shot. The passenger should take enough clubs to be certain that they have the right one. After hitting the shot begin walking to your ball. Use common sense.

When approaching the green it is often best for one player to take wedge(s) and putter and walk while the other player takes the cart to the back of the green.

Put carts/golf clubs toward the next hole wherever possible so you can clear the green for the next group quickly.

Do not enter scores at the green after finishing a hole. Instead, do it on the way to or at the next tee box.

Do not wash your club or replace head covers before getting in the cart. Instead take the club into the cart. Replace the club when you stop to retrieve the club(s) for your next shot.