Handicap Info

What is a Handicap and How do I Get One?

The main purpose of having a USGA Handicap is to help make the game of golf more enjoyable by enabling players of differing abilities to compete on an equitable basis.  

Why should I get a handicap

  • Having a handicap allows you to participate in local tournament events, the Championship Series and the Cup.
  • It gives a you a measurable means of tracking improvement
  • It allows score adjustments based on your individual skill level. How many sports offer that option?
  • Maintaining a handicap is an indication that the golfer has some experience with the game.
  • Keeping a handicap provides you the opportunity to participate in many local tournaments and statewide events.

How do I get a handicap?

All LPGA Amateur Golf members can obtain an Official USGA Handicap Index through the GN21 System at no additional cost. Powered by GolfNet, GN21 is a full featured system that enables users to obtain more than an official USGA Handicap.

          · Post Scores

          · Access 20,000 golf course profiles

          · Track personal game statistics

          · Print a handicap card

          · View scoring history            

          · Attest scores for other members

How long does it take to establish a handicap? 

You need to post the equivalent of 5 eighteen-hole rounds before you will be issued a Handicap Index. You can also post your 9-hole rounds! The system will automatically match them up to create 18-hole rounds. After posting at least 5 rounds, (or ten 9-hole rounds) the system will calculate a handicap index following each revision date, usually twice a month by GolfNet's System, on the 1st and 15th. Your Trend Index is an unofficial indication is what your index will likely be at the next revision date if it was calculated using the current scores posted.

Other questions?

For more information about how to establish a handicap with the GN21 System, or for general questions about your handicap, contact our Handicap Chair.